How it Works

Let us free your mix from “The Box” and let it flow through the all-discrete circuitry of our API analog console with 48 dual channels (96 mix faders).

No wimpy integrated or digital circuits to strip the “hair” off of your tracks in this premier mixing desk. Every bit of audio has its own discrete path through the console. Along with all of the API’s analog goodness, its faders and switches are fully automated, making recalls infinitely easier.  And the API mixing desk is filled with “fat” sounding transformers. You won’t find those in a DAW. Are you really going to mix your new recording “inside” your computer? Yikes.

And the analog warmth doesn’t stop with the API desk. We have a variety of classic analog outboard gear to add more juice. Gear like the Analogue Tube AT-101 compressor/limiter, the most faithful recreation of the legendary Fairchild 670 compressor. If you like the warm, rich tone of the classic hits, you will love this compressor. It is packed with 24 vacuum tubes and, yes, it glows as it squeezes your mix until it jumps out of our Manley ML 10 monitors.

Digital reverb plugins? We have it all. But perhaps you’ll like your tracks more after they’ve been injected into the steel plate of our vintage EMT 140 tube plate reverb unit. Or you may prefer the classic steel spring in our vintage AKG BX20e spring reverb. “Memphis Style” analog compression is added with our Urei 1176s, LA4s, Neve, SSL and API compressors. Your ears will appreciate the sound of the API’s 550 L EQ and, for that final touch, we can add the GML 8200 parametric EQ on the stereo bus.

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