What is Mixing?

Mixing is the combining of all the elements of a song by balancing, panning, and equalizing the different tracks. The goal is to create the best possible listening experience while bringing forth the message and feeling of the song.

Will my song be mixed “in the box”?

No way! Your tracks will be mixed through our API analog console along with the necessary analog outboard gear. We’ll be adding a lot of “Iron” to the tracks.

Can my song be transferred to tape to get that warm analogue sound?

Yes. For an added fee of $75, we will print your tracks to our Studer A827 2" machine and get that great tape saturation on your mix.

Will my song(s) be mastered?

Mastering is available for an extra charge:

  • $75 per track
  • $25 per additional track with the same settings (vocal, instrumental)
  • $10 per reference CD

Can I choose my engineer?

Your engineer will be assigned based on the type of recording and availability. If you are absolutely in love with one of our engineer’s work, let us know, and we will do our best to get them on board for your mix.

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