Tina Harris

Tina Harris

Millions recognize her face. And with a multi-platinum record in her past, even more know her voice. Yet the world is just beginning to know Tina Harris herself.

The former lead singer of global pop sensation Sweetbox steps out boldly on her own this fall with Free to Love, her first U.S.-released album, years after her departure from the group best known for its smash 1998 single “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” The upbeat song fused Bach’s Overture No. 3 in D Major with a contemporary beat, an unforgettable hook and Tina’s spirited, flowing rap.

Sweetbox, however, was more of a brand than a band  the project that brought her worldwide fame ultimately left her own artistic expression dictated by executives. Free to Love represents the first chance in Tina’s career simply to be heard for herself — and the significance of that opportunity is present in every aspect of the new collaboration.

Experience the journey this fall through an original web series documenting Tina’s story. The first single, “So Addicted,” drops November 13 and the long-awaited full-length album “Free to Love” is out in January 2016.

Free to Love

Tina Harris
Free to Love

  1. RU Ready Ready
  2. So Addicted
  3. Quit Playing Games
  4. Free to Love
  5. Be the One
  6. Broken
  7. Say Yeah
  8. Cloud Nine
  9. It's Crazy
  10. So Addicted (Rap)

Produced by Kerry Kernan

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